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Why is Hydroxocobalamin an Effective Form of B12

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Hydroxocobalamin is a form of B12 that has shown to improve cognitive function, fatigue relief, promote heart health, and so much more. B12 is essential in making red blood cells as well as cell maintenance and the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. It can also help in the prevention of illnesses and diseases such as anemia and Alzheimer’s as well as breast cancer. Due to the necessity of this vitamin, it is highly encouraged to eat foods that are rich in this vitamin as well as other vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Food that includes B12 are eggs, fish, meat, and dairy products, although if you aren’t getting enough B12 in your diet, supplements may be suggested to help you increase your intake.

Hydroxocobalamin vs Cyanocobalamin
Though both Hydroxocobalamin and Cyanocobalamin are B12 and part of the same family, they are both considered the best known forms of B12. Cyanocobalamin can be found in supplements and injections, it is also the most stable of B12 forms. However Hydroxocobalamin can raise B12 levels higher for a longer period of time than Cyanocobalamin, which is why it is an effective form of B12. A big difference between these two forms of B12 is that Cyanocobalamin contains cyanide which even though it is seen as harmless due to the minimal amount in this B12 form, it can be toxic if given in large doses or dangerous for those who have a defective cyanide metabolism or kidney failure. Hydroxocobalamin however pulls the cyanide from the mitochondria and binds with it creating Cyanocobalamin which is excreted through urine. The FDA has, since 2006, approved Hydroxocobalamin for use as an antidote and treatment of cyanide poisoning.

Effective Uses for Hydroxocobalamin
This amazing B12 supplement has shown positive effects on many different diseases and disorders. The majority of these disorders and diseases have been proven to be caused by vitamin B12 deficiencies such as infertility, autism, dementia, motion sickness, diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, neuromyelopathy, and psychosis. There have even been cases that Hydroxocobalamin improved the wheezing caused by asthma, inhibited infection of HIV-1 of human blood lymphocytes and monocytes, as well as improvement in the cognitive function of older cobalamin-deficient people. Continue reading

Does B12 Help Cure A Hangover?

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Vitamin B12 is touted as a go-to relief for hangover symptoms, and for good reason. While B vitamins should not be relied upon as prevention of a hangover, they can relieve symptoms and make it easier to get through the workday. Since alcohol is a diuretic, you will lose a lot of essential vitamins and minerals after a night of drinking heavily. Therefore, restoring these vitamins is important for hangover relief. Vitamin B12 “performs a key role in the functioning of the brain and nervous system”. This method works best if you take a vitamin B complex before drinking and one the next morning with breakfast. Below you will find out why so many people swear by B12 vitamins as a surefire method of easing hangover symptoms.

1. Metabolizing alcohol requires B vitamins in the liver

B vitamins play an important role in proper metabolization of alcohol. A lack of these vitamins in the body results in commonly known hangover symptoms such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and fatigue. B12 helps maintain a healthy red blood cell count, but drinking heavy amounts of alcohol can cause red blood cell count to be either too low or too high. Therefore, the liver cannot remove the alcohol effectively, and that’s why many people suffer from hangovers. A severely low red blood cell count can cause anemia, in which people become dizzy, lightheaded, and fatigued. Taking B12 helps the liver metabolize alcohol more effectively and keep the red blood cell count at a healthy level.

2. B12 Helps Support a Healthy Nervous System

In addition to aiding in metabolic functions in the body, vitamin B12 is needed to produce neurotransmitters, which are the chemicals that carry nerve signals between cells. After a person drinks a certain amount, the nervous system becomes impaired as the toxins from the alcohol slow down neurotransmitters in the brain. Many people experience difficulty speaking, driving, and moving in any way after drinking, in part due to a lack of B12 in the system. B12 keeps the central nervous system operating efficiently. Continue reading

Who gets the most benefit from vitamin B12 shots?

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A “Booster Shot” of Energy
B12, be it in injection or oral form, helps convert carbohydrates so the budy used them as fuel, or energy. Be complex vitamins in particular are needed for healthy eyes, hair, skin, and liver. People who receive B12 shots are typically those who suffer from long-term illnesses or their immune system has been compromised. In addition, they also aid the nervous system to function properly. Studies have also been shown that B12 injections can help promote a positive mood or an overall increase in wellness. While B12 shots are not for everyone, they can benefit those with compromised immune systems or those who are suffering from extreme fatigue due to a condition such as an iron deficiency or Epstein Barr disease, in addition to other long-term energy sapping illnesses.
Age Matters
While it is rare for a younger person to be vitamin B12 deficient, it is common for older people to suffer from mild B12 deficiency, simply due to the effects of the aging process in general. It could be because their regular diets are not quite as healthy or they produce less stomach acid which is needed to help absorb B12. If a person is suffering from low levels a B12 it can cause a variety of disruptions within the immune system such as numbness in the fingers, toes and an overall feeling of fatigue. When the body is severely deficient of B12, it can cause nerve damage, so it is important to have levels checked on a regular basis, especially for the elderly and those suffering from chronic ailments that compromise the immune system.

Others Who May Benefit from B12 Injections
Others that benefit most from B12 injections include vegans who, in addition to not eating meat, do not consume eggs or dairy Vitamin B12 is only found in animal products so in order to maintain a healthy level of B12, injections would be necessary. Continue reading

Hydroxocobalamin vs Methylcobalamin vs Cyanocobalamin

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With the health and nutrition awareness today there are more and more men and women looking into vitamin supplements. But a lot of people don’t understand that there are several different forms of supplements and different ways to take them as well. Here we have put together a set of three different forms of vitamin B12. Below you will learn about the three different forms of vitamin B12. All of which are available through prescription.

Cyanocobalamin- This is a muscular injection, and this is one that is for some people but clearly not for everyone. For those needing the injection for a deficiency this is not the best option of the three as it offers the least amount of discomfort. For those whom are healthy and want the extra boost, this is your best choice.

Hydroxocobalamin- This is for those who are need the vitamin for basic survival and you will might this in the hospital through an IV and supervision by a doctor. This vitamin IS available in the United States on a limited basis but is extremely popular world wide. This particular version of B12 is recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization).

Methylcobalamin- this can be given a few different ways and is the most common or popular form of Vitamin B12. When injected into the muscle it can be rather uncomfortable. This is a common prescription that is handed out for those who are smokers. Continue reading

Hydroxocobalamin Now Available in the US

Hydroxocobalamin is a form of B12 Injection that has a longer half life than Cyano, converts to methyl B12 when injected and is actually used to treat cyanide poisoning.

The product is approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) as a treatment for b12 deficiencies and is one of the preferred products for those that suffer from pernicious anemia.

Vitamin b12 is important for proper nerve function, red blood cell formation, digestion and absorption and is known to help with mood issues. Anyone interested in Hydroxocobalamin can find it >>HERE<<



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Are There Any B12 Injection Side Effects?

Vitamin B12 is safe for most people when taken by mouth or when the injectable product is used correctly. Overall, B-12 is a great choice to boost one’s energy, attitude and health.

b12 shot side effects

There are quite a few side effects that patients may experience from injections of vitamin B12. The more common side effects include: mild diarrhea; upset stomach; nausea; a feeling of pain and a warm sensation at the site of the injection; a feeling, or a sense, of being swollen over the entire body; Headaches; and Joint pain. If any of these side effects become severe or troublesome, make your doctor aware. I personally have been taking injectable B12 for over a month and have none of these side effects or the one’s listed below. I also have many colleagues that take B12 injections and also have no problems with side effects. But it is important to make the that you as the consumer know of all possibilities.

Vitamin B12 injections can result in serious side effects. Although this is a relatively rare occurrence, anyone taking vitamin B12 injections should be aware of the possibility. Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following side effects; a rapid heartbeat; heart palpitations; chest pain; a feeling of tightness in the chest; rapid weight gain; muscle weakness; muscle pain; muscle cramps; a feeling of extreme thirst; frequent urination; leg pain; a sense of confusion; numbness; dizziness; a tingling sensation; difficulty breathing; difficulty swallowing; shortness of breath with mild exertion or when lying down; unusual coughing; unusual wheezing; a feeling of extreme tiredness or fatigue; swelling of the extremities including hands, arms, lower legs, feet or ankles; redness, pain or a feeling of warmth in one leg; tenderness or swelling in one leg; a red skin color on the face; a red skin color anywhere on the body; hives; itching and any kind of a skin rash. Again, if any of these side effects become severe or troublesome, make your doctor aware immediately.

So, as it mentions above B-12 injection side effects are very rare but it is good to know all the information pertaining to what you are putting in your body. I know for me, I have been happier, healthier and stronger due to injecting B12 two times per week. I would never go back. However, it is you decision to weight the pros and cons.




Protein May Hold the Key in Vitamin B12 Metabolism

Discovery of transport protein may solve b12 deficiency puzzle.


A study funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Swiss National Science Foundation, and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft may have uncovered one of the causes of a vitamin b12 deficiency.

Millions of people around the world suffer from a deficiency of vitamin b12, most of the time the causes are simply a lack of b12 in the diet, other times it is a result of alcoholism or other conditions like Chron’s disease. The only way to treat a b12 deficiency is either to treat the underlying condition, changing of the diet to include more b12 rich foods or to take vitamin b12 shots.

Researches recently discovered that there is another potential cause for a b12 deficiency, a mutation of the transport protein now known as ABCD4. Researchers found that there was a protein involved in the uptake of available b12 within the cells. If ABCD4 is mutated it affects the ability for the body to process and use the vitamin.

One researcher, Matthias Baumgartner of Zurich’s University Children’s Hospital, says “We were also able to compensate for the genetic mutation by adding an intact ABCD4 protein to the patients’ cells, thus allowing the vitamin to be properly integrated into the cells.”

What this means is that potentially there could be an effective treatment for those that are suffering from b12 absorption issues which leads to a deficiency by adding the fully functioning protein to the patient.

Vitamin b12 is a water soluble vitamin that is primarily available in meat products. Those on strict vegan or vegetarian diets may suffer from a lack of the vitamin. B12 is a powerful anti-oxidant that supports the neurological process, the formation of red blood cells and is known to increase metabolism. People who suffer from a b12 deficiency may find themselves at risk of stroke, anemia, lack of energy, depression, dementia and psychosis.

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Who Should Be Adding Vitamin B12 To Their Diet?

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Who should be adding vitamin B 12 to their diet?

Well, first let me tell you a little about this vitamin.  Vitamin B12 is a large complex vitamin that requires “intrinsic factor” be present in the small intestine, just above the colon, in order for it to be utilized. It is found in many foods such as; eggs, cheeses like mozzarella, Parmesan, and Swiss, shellfish like clams and mussels, caviar, fish, crabs, lobster, milk and beef. It is critical in the formation of red blood cells. There is also no risk of overdose of this vitamin; it has no upper limit in dosing.

A deficiency of this vitamin can mimic some symptoms of alzheimers disease, causing memory loss, dementia, irritability, depression and dizziness. Deficiencies can cause mood swings, impaired brain function, tingling, and numbness. Anemia can also result from a deficiency in vitamin B12.

Now, to answer the initial question…. Who should be adding vitamin B12 to their diet? Anyone who has a risk factor of Alzheimers, Dementia, Anemia, Diabetes, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Heart disease, or Pernicious anemia. Another group of people who should be adding vitamin B12 is Vegans. Those who are on Vegan diets limit dairy and beef from they’re diet. (A main source of vitamin B12.) Also, the elderly population may find need in b12. As an aging person, over 50 there is a reduction of stomach acids which are necessary to allow B12 to break free from proteins that they bind too and be ready to be absorbed by the body. Low levels of b12 can create neurological issues. People also take B12 for the “energy” that they feel from taking it. This is due to the production of red blood cells. Basically, Vitamin B12 is a good supplement for everyone to add to their supplement regimen.  Of course, you should have your levels checked by your physician and then come up with an appropriate treatment plan for you.

As always, get 6-8hours of quality sleep, drink plenty of water and try to get quality foods in your diet. When choosing meats, go for the trimmer cuts and remove the excess fats before cooking. Be consistent with your supplements. Good Luck!!!


12 Benefits Of B12 For The Elderly

Why would an elderly person need to begin a regimen of Vitamin B12 injections?

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For maximum absorption of B12, an injection is the guaranteed way to absorb the most of this supplement. Vitamin B12 is a large molecule vitamin that requires intrinsic factor to be present in the small intestine (just before the colon) in order for its absorption. It is difficult for the body to utilize this vitamin when taken orally. If you are needle shy, you may opt for the intra-nasal option, however, the injection is still the most efficient. Lack of proper absorption or lack of intake of Vitamin B12 can cause a variety of “issues” in the body. Some of those issues can remain undetected for long periods of time and even result in pernicious anemia. Here is a list of medical issues that ALL have vitamin B12 deficiency as a common factor. As an elderly person, getting a regular treatment of B12 is beneficial to lessen the effects of these issues. Here they are:

Alzheimers, an aging related issue


Cognitive decline in memory or total memory loss (aging)

Depression (common in the elderly)



Cardiovascular disease

Reduces Stroke risk, a common occurrence in elderly people

Aids in forming new red blood cells

Aids in myelin formation to protect nerve cells

Reduces Chronic Fatigue

Reduces Anxiety, common with the elderly


Vitamin B12 can be used to return an aging person to a life of better living. With the benefits proven to help with neurological disorders and deficiencies, that overly fatigued elderly person can regain the pep in their step.  Along with a regained sense of energy, B12 can reduce anxiety and depression that is often associated with aging. Memory can be assisted with treatment of this supplement as well. Who wouldn’t want a little help with basic memory retention? Go get your levels checked. You don’t have to worry about taking too much B12 either, it has no ceiling for dosing.  Start yourself on a B12 regimen today. Remember get 6-8 hours of quality sleep and drink plenty of water. You also want to add stretching to your daily exercise routine, keep your muscles healthy and pliable. Always remain consistent with your supplements. Good Luck!!