how do vitamin b12 shots helpAs we work longer days and get up earlier, our bodies are in need of Vitamin B12 to prevent the sluggish feeling our bodies and minds are subjected to.  What happens when an individual becomes tired, weak, or irritable is a process called Megaloblastic Anemia. B12 helps fight this anemia, as well as helps to make DNA and keep our blood cells and our nerves healthy.

So how do we get this B12 into our system so that it may provide these benefits?

In the stomach of course is one place where we absorb it.  Once hydrochloric acid separates the B12 from protein in our foods, it then combines with Gastric Intrinsic Factor, a protein made by the stomach before being absorbed into the intestinal tract in the body. Supplements are also a choice to enhance B12 in the body, either pill or injection form.

There is speculation that B12 can be used to promote weight loss as well.  However, research shows that it does not have a significant affect on weight loss.  What it does help with is your mental clarity and memory.  An individual who consumes a good daily amount of B12 can also expect reduced daily feelings of stress with less irritability. If a person is deficient in B12 then the signs would include exhaustion, apprehension, irritability, and even depression can occur.

There have also been digestive issues associated with a lack of B12 in the body such as: a sore tongue, loss of appetite, and constipation. Finally, and yes there is more, signs of hair loss can also be due to a B12 deficiency.  So if you want to keep your hair, men and women, make sure you are getting the proper amount of B12 in your daily diet and or supplements to maintain your health as well.
The functions of B12 in the body consist of, helping to form Myelin, a fatty cover that insulates the nerves.  It also produces energy through metabolism of fat and protein. B12 has been found to help produce Hemoglobin, something found in red bloods cells, which carry oxygen to the all cells.  It can also reduce the Homocysteine level in an individual; this can lead to reduced risk of many types of degenerative diseases, cancers, and other heart issues.
The benefits are many that an individual can enjoy with a healthy diet and B12 intake or supplements in their daily lives.  The vitamin is a maintenance vitamin, regulating growth and reproduction of the bodies’ cells.  It fights off fatigue in the body and degeneration of cells, helping an individual maintain a healthy body as well and mental alertness and energy levels.  Because we have this wonder vitamin in our bodies we can go longer, process more information and handle stresses with less damage to our system and enhancing our ability to cope with those daily irritations. B12 Rocks!!!