taking a b12 shot

image courtesy of livestrong.com


Giving yourself an injection can be scary unless you know how to properly give one. First of all, you need to clean the area of injection with an alcohol swab. For vitamin B12, you would want to inject in the upper thigh. The upper thigh is a great spot for an injection because of the amount of muscle and fat under the skin. This helps with the utilization of B12. The spot is located in the middle of the thigh about 6-8 inches from the crease of your leg. You can also do injections in the buttocks, if that is agreeable with your physician. The outer hip area is good as well. Some opt for a deltoid or upper arm injection site. Whichever you choose, be certain to clean the area prior to injecting and clean your hands; you may also wear gloves. This prevents any infection at the injection site.

How to inject the supplement: First, it is recommended you practice injecting an orange. Oranges represent the toughness of the muscle tissue and teach you how much force is needed to puncture the area. Next, prepare the injection. Remove the vial of B12 and disinfect the top of the vial to prevent any transference of bacteria. Remove the syringe from the package. Check the syringe for proper function. Remove the safety cover from the needle, draw the prescribed amount of B12 into the syringe. (You do this by first pulling syringe back to desired amount, insert it into the vial, push the air out of syringe and then slowly pull back until syringe fills to the proper fill mark.) You pull B12 into syringe with the vial upside down. Tap the syringe to remove any visible air bubbles. Now remove the needle from the vial. Now give a slight push on the syringe to dispel a tiny amount of supplement to ensure the air is out.  You may numb the area to be injected, if you wish. Disinfect the area with alcohol swab. Pinch the injection area and insert the needle. Push the vitamin in at a moderate pace. Let go of the skin, and remove the needle. Wipe again lightly, with a clean alcohol swab. Wipe lightly in a circular fashion. Apply a band-aid.

Disposal of needles is important. You may ask for a container from your doctor, buy a Sharp’s container,or make your own. To make one, use a coffee can and duct tape the lid on it. Cut a slit in the lid wipe enough for the needles to fit through. When the can is full, take it to your doctors’ office for proper removal or, set up for a company to dispose of them properly.  Good Luck!!