taking b12 shots

Who should be adding vitamin B 12 to their diet?

Well, first let me tell you a little about this vitamin.  Vitamin B12 is a large complex vitamin that requires “intrinsic factor” be present in the small intestine, just above the colon, in order for it to be utilized. It is found in many foods such as; eggs, cheeses like mozzarella, Parmesan, and Swiss, shellfish like clams and mussels, caviar, fish, crabs, lobster, milk and beef. It is critical in the formation of red blood cells. There is also no risk of overdose of this vitamin; it has no upper limit in dosing.

A deficiency of this vitamin can mimic some symptoms of alzheimers disease, causing memory loss, dementia, irritability, depression and dizziness. Deficiencies can cause mood swings, impaired brain function, tingling, and numbness. Anemia can also result from a deficiency in vitamin B12.

Now, to answer the initial question…. Who should be adding vitamin B12 to their diet? Anyone who has a risk factor of Alzheimers, Dementia, Anemia, Diabetes, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Heart disease, or Pernicious anemia. Another group of people who should be adding vitamin B12 is Vegans. Those who are on Vegan diets limit dairy and beef from they’re diet. (A main source of vitamin B12.) Also, the elderly population may find need in b12. As an aging person, over 50 there is a reduction of stomach acids which are necessary to allow B12 to break free from proteins that they bind too and be ready to be absorbed by the body. Low levels of b12 can create neurological issues. People also take B12 for the “energy” that they feel from taking it. This is due to the production of red blood cells. Basically, Vitamin B12 is a good supplement for everyone to add to their supplement regimen.  Of course, you should have your levels checked by your physician and then come up with an appropriate treatment plan for you.

As always, get 6-8hours of quality sleep, drink plenty of water and try to get quality foods in your diet. When choosing meats, go for the trimmer cuts and remove the excess fats before cooking. Be consistent with your supplements. Good Luck!!!